Difference between mobile broadband and fixed broadband

When talking about mobile broadband some don't 'get it' when in reality it's actually very straightforward - mobile broadband allows you to get on the internet through a network provider. So, if your mobile had internet access as part of the package you should be able to surf the net using your mobile phone.

Since then it has come a long way, no longer needed are the mobile phones which can get online, but small usb 'dongles' which are modems that connect you to the chosen mobile broadband network through your laptop.

The principle is the same whether using a mobile phone or a connecting a dongle to your laptop - using the phone providers' network as a means to go online and check emails or check out a website.

This is most often possible when the 3G sign appears on your mobile phone. Now that every mobile network offers mobile broadband there are plenty of choices to choose from. Whether for business or personal use, there is usually a tariff and data limit to suit everyone.

The best bit about mobile broadband is wherever you find a 3G signal you can turn on your laptop and surf the 'net. The only cost you pay for is data usage, which usually have a set limit on amount of gigabites you can download.

Consumers can also choose their preferred network regardless of what mobile phone network they are currently on, as they are two seperate things. Whether looking for a set mobile broadband contract or payg mobile broadband, each network offers varying payment options.

Mobile broadband is proving extremely popular and providers are constantly looking for ways to improve performance and speed as that is what most people want. Mobile broadband is set to grow enormously in the next few years, and no network wants to miss out.

Now fixed broadband is the internet that you would normally get at home, this is connected to the phone line so can provide much higher speeds currently. The benefit of mobile broadband over fixed line broadband is that you can access it almost anywhere in the country, away from home.

Posted by Matt on the 19th April 2010 in: Guides